Banditor as seen in Railroad Junction.

Banditor is the boss found at the map Railroad Junction (level 5-8). He is the first boss you can find, as well as the easiest. Banditor will appear once you beat the first three waves. He has 500 health.


Banditor, while being a boss, does not have many attacks. He can either attack you normally or do a special attack. His special attacks include an ability to continuously stab a target 4-5 times and a front-flip slash. His continuously stabbing ability is not only deadly for low level players, but can kill you as well. Be sure to bring a cleric or a tank to guard against him!


As the first boss, he will not be as hard as the others. Musketeers, Officers, Clerics, and Fire Mages should stay in the back row, while Guardians, Warriors, and (possibly) Berserkers should be in the front row. A Cleric is recommended, but not a must as this boss only has 850 health. A damage dealer is a must or else death will be inevitable. A few musketeers with the skill, Critical Shot, should also be able to finish him off quickly.


Miscellaneous Equipment
Coat Piece Small Ring
Wooden Ring
Green Top Hat
Cavalry Helmet
Flower Hat