The Vuelo Airship Deck boss is one of the tougher bosses in the game. Even at level 45, it is near impossible to solo.  Its skills, however, are mediocre and its combat ability revolves around the sheer amount of damage it can withstand.


Battle Conqueror


  • Attack: does fair damage to one target.
  • Block: able to block attacks (frequently).
  • Defense +50: increases defence by 50.
  • Rain of Fire: Moderate damage on everyone (including back row).


A healer is recommended for this fight, as the Battle Conquerer has 110,000 HP and is based on the Guardian class (not shield and lance).


Item Recipes Quest/Craft Items
Blue Jenzen Warrior Necklace Gear
Fancy Hat Grenadier Uniform Boot Crystal
Grandizor Helmet Jefe Clothes Mechanic Gem
Metal Boots Relajante Greater Weapon ATK Gem
Thief Ring Green Lefo Greater Jewellery DEF Gem
War Trophy Ancient Face Shield
Yumi Royal Knight Armor
Elite Mercenary Armor
Knight Boots


The Battle Conqueror is of a Mechanic element, and is therefore weak against Water, Beast, and Flying, and strong against Light and Lightning.