The Grandizor Armor is the third elite light armor to be crafted. It is also required by the level 50 elite light armor, Viscount Armor.

Crafting RequirementsEdit

Grandizor Armor Rec
Royal Knight Armor 1
Cloth 11
Armor Dye 15
Pearl 20
Celestite 50
Crafting Price 65000


Grandizor Armor
Defense 163
Health 671
Mana 45

Where to FindEdit

The recipe drops from Ice Hearted Prince.

Royal Knight Armor needs to be crafted. Cloth can be exchanged at the Collector in Port Ville for warrior stones at a 1:1 ratio. Armor Dye is found on most humanoid enemies. Pearl is a rare ore from Underwater Cave Mines. Celestite is a common ore from Underwater Cave Mines.