This Boss has 65000 HP

and can be found in Divertida Palace.

Maestro in the Divertida Palace

(level 25)


  • Attack: Medium damage on one target.
  • Jump attack: Medium damage on everyone.
  • Creates: Does moderate to heavy damage to everyone.
  • Critical+1: Increases its critical strike chance.
  • Heal: Heals himself up to 3250HP


4 gunners, all above level 22 can beat it. A tank is advised and if a warrior is available, ask him to help your team!


Items Recipes Quest/Craft Items
Leather Boots Vasto Rod Divertida Hat Badge
Dark Sabre Female Top Hat Flying Gem
Plate Mail Brumweiht
Cavalry Pistol Wise Man Necklace
Blue Stick
Royal Advisor Suit
Steel Lance
Eaglewood Shield
Radiante Book
Maid Dress
Intelligence Necklace


Maestro is of a Flying element, and therefore is weak against Ice, Light and Lightning, and strong against Water and Mechanic.