Montero at Montero's Hideout

Montero is the first boss you will fight that has 12500 (12.5k) health. The battle will most likely be long with low leveled players, but high leveled players can defeat him as if he is a joke. He is found at Montero's Hideout (level 13-15)


  • Attack: Does a fair amount of damage to one target.
  • Defence+: Increases its defence for 3 turns.
  • 5 strikes in a row: Hits a single target five times, doing moderate to heavy damage.
  • Lightning: Hits everyone for a small amount of damage.
  • Purple death Ray: A strike which does heavy damage to everyone.


A cleric with the multiple healing skill is a must for this battle. One or two tanks are also recommended to protect Mages, Clerics and Musketeers from Montero. A high level player can be very helpful for Montero. Defeating him fast is crucial, as he can kill low level players with his special strike.


Items Recipes Quest/Craft Items
Bronze Ring Warrior Ring Piece of Medal
Shoes Improved Boots Warrior Stone
Hard Boots Quality Threads
Strength Necklace Darkness Gem


Grand Montero is of a Darkness element, and therefore weak against Light, and strong against Plant.