This Boss has 44500 HP

and is found at The Cabin, after three waves of enemies. He has two AoEs, as well as a powerful single strike.

Pirate Captain in the Cabin


  • Attack: Does a fair amount of damage to one target
  • Grenades: Damages everyone and reduces the armor to 0 for 3 turns.
  • Thunderstorm: Does moderate to heavy damage to everyone.


Need 1 healer and 1-2 tank.


Recipes Full Item Other
Hunter Armor Runners Warrior Stone
Forloje Metal Ring Lightning Gem
Apoderado Clothes Deslongo Hat Greater Jewelry ATK Gem
Cheval Clothes Officer Hat Treasure Box
Warrior Boots Royal Knight Helm Pirate Hat Badge
War Fork Wisdom Necklace
Elite Conquistador Armor Pure Iron Rapier
Green Trule Bow
Endurance Necklace


The Pirate Captain is of a Lightning element, and is therefore weak against Mechanic, and strong against Water and Flying.