Selva Temple in the still unnamed Region #2

Pontero is the second boss you will encounter. He resides inside Selva Temple (level 10-12) and like any other boss, will be fought once the third wave of enemies is defeated.


Pontero is a fairly easy boss to defeat. Like all enemies, Pontero can attack you with normal attacks, but will also attack you with special abilities only bosses wield. He can either use an Area of Effect (AoE) attack that will damage all players or use an Attack Increase Buff.

He also is known to have at least 20% dodge.


A cleric is definitely recommended for this fight if you do not have any rares. Pontero is the first boss to drop rare armor and weapons so many people will be farming this boss. A few musketeers with Critical Shot can handle this boss, but a front row tank (Warriors and Guardians) is also recommended. Once you get a rare from this boss, he can be easily handled.


Armor Weapons
Hunter Clothes Molfield Masterwork
Luchador Armor Life of Sabre
Slash Blade
Swiss Guard Armor Toxic Lance
Nameless Shield
Gentleman Suit Spear Rod
Joven Dress Efugio Book