Toxico Spider
The Toxico Spider is found at Earthstone, after defeating 3 waves of enemies. He has high health and a moderate attack.


The Toxico Spider can attack normally, add 2% to his attack, or attack everybody--with moderate to high damage.


A high damage dealer and a healer is advised. However, if you can kill it fast enough, a healer isn't really needed.


Items Recipes Quest/Craft Items
Fury Sabre Teacher Necklace Giant Spider Leg
Iron Fist Winged Rapier Toxic Hat Badge
Maltrecho Book Closed Conquistador Helmet Beast Gem
Cloud Walker Army Bow Greater Luck Gem
Red Dragon Sword
Azul Rod
Fury Rapier


Toxico Spider is of a Beast element, and is therefore weak against Fire, Light, and Earth, and strong against Plant and Mechanic.