The Viscount Armor is the fourth elite Light Armor to be crafted. It is also required be the level 55 elite Light Armor, Kabuto Armor.

Crafting RequirementsEdit

Viscount Armor Rec
Grandizor Armor 1
Fine Cloth 5
Armor Dye 20
Diamond 25
Zircon 65
Crafting Price 80000


Defense 187
Health 773
Mana 51

Where to FindEdit

The recipe is dropped by Fuerte Ira.

Grandizor Armor needs to be crafted. Fine Cloth can be exchanged at the Collector in Port Ville for warrior stones at a 1:3 ratio. Armor Dye drops from most humanoid enemies. Diamond and Zircon are both common ores from Snowfield Mines.