About Warlord ZirhonEdit

Warlord Zirhon

Warlord Zirhon is found in the Sky Tower, after 3 waves of enemies. They are high health, and their attack is moderate.

Special Abilities Edit

  • Normal Attack
  • 3x strike on a single target
  • AoE


A tank is recommended--it can take the special attack. Also, a healer is strongly suggested. A high-level person could help a lot in defeating Warlord Zirhon.


Items Recipes Quest/Craft Items
Tutorian Boots Soldier Necklace Zirhon Blades
Dark Rapier Roman Helmet Warrior Stone
Kings Pistol
War Sabre
Angels Faith Wing
Pintura Book
Great Ciervo
Combat Ring


Warlord Zirhon is of an Earth element, and therefore weak against Water, and strong against Fire and Beast.