Warriors are the first of the initial 4 starting classes (Warrior, Cleric, Musket, and Firemage). They have an initial starting base stats of 5 strength, 6 endurance, 3 wisdom, 4 luck, and 2 intelligence. Due to their high hp, high possible defense through light armor and helms, and passives such as hp buff and self-heal, they can make great front-row tanks, and can deal great damage with attack buffs and multi-hit skills.

Warriors use Sabres as their weapon, and Light Armor as their armor. They can wear both hats and helmets. As with all classes, they can also equip two rings, a necklace, a back decoration, and either light or heavy boots.


Level 1Edit

Sabre Strike: A more powerful strike. 200% of attack at level 5.

Maximum Health (passive): Gives a health boost. +200 at level 5.

Mining (passive): Allows mining.

Level 10Edit

Poisoned Sabre: Poisons the enemy. 140% of attack at level 5.

Lightning Strike: AoE strike. 195% of attack at level 5.

Evasion Master (passive): Increases dodge. +5% at level 5.

Level 20Edit

Battle Spirit: Buffs attack for 3 turns. +65% at level 5.

Powerful Strikes: Four strikes on a single target. 160% of attack at level 5.

Warrior Strength (passive): +1 Strength.

Ralampago: Three strikes with +1 lightning element. 175% of attack at level 5.

Level 30Edit

Saltar Ataque: Powerful strike. 215% of attack at level 5.

Self Heal (passive): On hitting the enemy, chance to recover health. 9% chance of +25% health at level 5.

Level 40Edit

Mas Vida: Increases max health for 10 turns. +250 at level 5.

Crazy Rush: AoE 6x strike. 150% attack at level 5.

Lightning element (passive): +1 Lightning.

Lightning Storm: AoE strike. +1 Lightning. 200% attack at level 5.

Level 50Edit

Critical Warrior: +1 Critical. 

Recommended BuildEdit

Warrior Skill Tree

There are two builds available: as a miner, and as a non-miner. For full details of when to put skill points into which skill, please look at the following post on Kongregate's forums:

Regardless of whether your warrior is a miner or not, skills to max include Maximum Health, Lightning Strike, all Level 20 skills, Self Heal, Crazy Rush, Lightning Storm, and Critical Warrior.